How it works

Here is a breakdown of the mediation process


The mediation process is much less complex and emotional than people expect. Here’s how the process unfolds.

⦁ Free 30 minute phone consultations determine if mediation is the correct path for your conflict

⦁ The initial one-hour, in-person consultation amounts to $150, where Kerry will:

        ⦁ review all necessary documentation

        ⦁ create attainable goals and outline solutions

        ⦁ assign “homework” to parties

⦁ Mediation is scheduled, selecting a mutually-acceptable location that suits both parties in the East Valley.

        ⦁ Non-refundable deposit, amount determined by booked session.

$200 for a booked 1-hour session

$700 for a booked 4-hour session, discount given for booking a 4-hour continuous session

Not able to meet in person? Kerry is available telephonically and via video conference. Sur-charges may apply, so please inquire about all costs involved before getting started.

Payment is due at the time services are rendered. Cash or credit accepted, credit card payments incur an additional 3.5% processing fee.

At the end of the day, mediation is a fast, easy and economical way to avoid the unnecessary costs of litigation and court. Call us today to discover a creative solution to your unique problem.

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