About the Mediator


Kerry Heaton



Kerry has worked for the City of Chandler the last 15 years as a Building Inspector. Much of that time was spent handling complex and sensitive projects. He also specialized in conflict management and addressing sensitive issues within the City. Kerry fully understands construction related issues and can translate technical terms into everyday understandable language. As a business owner, he understands both sides of most conflicts. His ability to understand, translate and create value empowers parties that would otherwise suffer from a power imbalance. He graduated from Northern Arizona University with a degree in Public Administration, with a minor in Spanish. After finishing his undergrad at age 35 he decided he did not want to stop there. He graduated from the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law in 2016. During his last year of studies he decided to apply for a Mediation Clinic that only accepted twelve students per semester. He fell in love with helping people resolve conflicts outside of litigation. After finishing the semester as a student of mediation and receiving his certification he returned the next semester as a mediation veteran to help coach and mentor. Kerry had the opportunity to learn from some of the best mediators in Arizona, Professor Art Hinshaw and Professor Bruce Meyerson.

Why choose Kerry as your mediator?

Kerry has the unique ability to understand and resolve sensitive situations, while using everyday language. Kerry holds multiple current certifications from the International Code Council, dealing with all manner of construction. His emotional intelligence means he can help his clients avoid unnecessary conflict. Kerry strikes a balance between creativity and logic, finding value when all other options seem to be exhausted. He enjoys helping people solve issues and obtain a mutually acceptable agreement. He is proficient in both English and Spanish; most importantly he understands the uniqueness of both cultures. He can assist with debt collection, contract disputes, construction disputes, family conflict and beyond. He also performed pro-Bono mediation for the Maricopa County Justice Courts.


Kerry was raised in Flagstaff and still loves to spend time there. His mom is from Mexico City, Mexico and his dad is from Moccasin, Arizona. Kerry spent many of his summers with family in Mexico City and also served a 2 year LDS mission to Mexico City. Once he and his wife finish raising their family, Kerry would love to open his own taco shop and travel the world snowboarding. Really, those were the driving factors behind finishing his education. Love of food and fun! His wife has some crazy ideas about spending time with kids and grandkids…only if they eat tacos and like to snowboard.
Kerry has been married since 1999, and has four children from 10-16 years old. He finally harnessed the energy that would not let him sit still and focused it on finishing his education. He worked full time while he finished his undergrad and J.D. degrees. During those dismal years of education he fell in love with triathlons. His wife knew he needed an outlet and supported him through his desires to finish his education and become an elite triathlete. There is a special category for triathletes who are “healthier” than others, they are known as the Clydesdales (over 200 lbs.). Needless to say, he achieved only one his goals and is still working on breaking a sub 3 hour Olympic race time. Aside from staying married and graduating from ASU, one of Kerry’s most gratifying achievements was completing his first half-Ironman in Oceanside. He loves sports and spending time with his family… when the teenagers haven’t significantly pissed him off.
After surviving the recession, Kerry understood the struggles of rebuilding from the ground up. The journey to provide for his family and make a difference in his community led him to opening his mediation practice.

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