Mediate Before You Litigate

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Benefits of Mediation

Below are some key benefits to hiring a mediator. See why mediation is becoming more common to settle disputes.


Legitimate outcomes

Legally binding contract
I advocate for the solution
Parties have final decision-making power

Fair Expenses

Economic and Emotional costs are much less than litigation costs
Courts are uncertain, mediation is likely the best opportunity to be completely heard and speak directly to the opposing party with a mediator present

Timely results

Typically 97% of cases are settled out of court
Much faster than traditional litigation
Ability to get in/get out and move on with your life

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See what others are saying about Mediation

  • “I recently participated in two reinsurance mediations which both resulted in resolution of the disputes. I believe that this type of dispute resolution process in specific situations is very effective and saves both time and costs”

    —Diane Ferro Vice President-Claims CNA Insurance Companies
  • ”A strong mediator knows how to push each side to a more realistic risk assessment. Mediation offers the potential to save months of effort and expense that should be reserved for those cases that truly warrant plenary proceedings.”

    —Peter Chaffetz Partner, Chaffetz Lindsey, LLP
  • “Few disputes are so one-sided that they can’t be fairly compromised. Mediation is almost always instructive whether it succeeds or not, and successful mediations are immensely constructive. The critical ingredient is the right mediator.”

    —Robert Cusumano General Counsel, ACE Limited

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